6月6日、Empty the Tanks 2015 - Tokyoが開催されます

※ このイベントは中止になりました。
This event was canceled.

※ Please only click "going" if you are planning to attend. As the police in Yokohama are quite strict and will need numbers. So if your not going please change it to a maybe. Thank You.

▷イルカショーのための捕獲及びイルカの監禁と搾取に反対する国際イベントです。 アメリカ、カナダ、オーストラリア、イギリス、オランダ、香港など世界各国の水族館施設の前で、捕獲されているイルカやシャチのため、心を1つにして「イルカショー反対」を訴えます。「楽しい水族館」の裏側にある問題について社会に訴えかけ、水族館を訪れる人たちに考えてもらいたいという願いからイベントを開催するものです。当日は水族館前で声を合わせ、チラシを配り、平和的にプロテストを行います。
▷This is the OFFICIAL Empty the Tanks page for the 2015 event at Hakkeijima Sea Paradice.
On June 6, 2015, protests and educational events will be held all over world in front of marine mammal parks and aquariums. If the park is exploiting marine mammals for entertainment and profit then we want people out front creating noise and awareness. We need your voice, your posters, and your dedication to seeing an end to the captivity industry.

世界の水族館のイルカのほとんどは太地の追い込み漁で捕獲されたイルカたちです。 展示用に選ばれなかったイルカは殺されます。日本のイルカ猟が世界のシーワールドの供給源になっていることはほとんど知られていません。
▷From Action for Marine Mammals, International Event at Hakkeijima
We have decided to hold 3rd time international event to raise awareness of the dark side of the aquarium entertainment business. Our objective will be to enlighten the ordinary people who come to enjoy the sights at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. We plan a peaceful event in front of the aquarium, distributing educational pamphlets.
Currently, half a dozen dolphins, and several seals, sea-lions are confined at the aquarium. With 53 dolphinariums, Japan leads the world in the number of its captive dolphins.
Most of the world’s captive dolphins come from the drive hunt at Taiji. The ones which are caught but not chosen for exhibition are killed.
Few people realise that this hunt is driven by the demand from dolphinariums around the world.
The only thing we can do to save the dolphins is to not buy tickets to the shows.

Assembly point: Hakkeijima Marine Paradise, Marine Gate Entrance. Beneath the overpass on the south side of the road junction.
Caution: This is NOT one of the entrances near Hakkeijima Station. See map.
There are two routes to the assembly point.
Route 1. From Hakkeijima Station (Kanazawa Seaside Line)
About one kilometre, 10 minutes walk, from the station.
From the station, cross the bridge to the island and pass through the Sea Paradise grounds (free). Then cross the other bridge north to the Marine Gate Entrance.
Route 2. From Shidai-igakubu Station (Kanazawa Seaside Line)
About one kilometre, 10 minutes walk, from the station.
Follow the Kanazawa Seaside Line overpass to the Marine Gate Entrance.

WHEN: June 6th (Sat) 10:00-13:00

Please bring cameras, your own placards, dolphin cap, balloon, stuffed dolphin toys or anything nice appealing goods.Empty handed will also be fine.


※ 時間など変更の可能性があるため、間違いのないよう、前日にはこちらのイベントページのチェックをお願いします
Please check the event page on the previous day in case of changes in time, place, etc.

主催:AMM 海洋哺乳類を守る会
Host: AMM Action for Marine Mammals